We’re updating these all the time but if you need answers to something more specific then please email us at team@drvox.co.uk.

how does dr vox work?

Our blends contain the same herbal base. This is a simple (but secret) mix of liquorice and marshmallow root. It soothes and coats the mouth but doesn’t have a huge taste which makes it perfect to combine with our fruit, herbal and green blends.


No throat remedy can save a ruined voice, but drinking Dr Vox in combination with healthy vocal care routines can get you ready to use your voice and help soothe discomfort from excessive use.

Dr Vox isn’t here to fix vocal damage. Get expect medical advice straight away if you think you’ve suffered damage.

is it suitable for vegans?

Of course.

do we look after the environment?

Yes, the best we can, our tea is housed in biodegradable bags, but our pouches are foiled lined. This is because we have to ship our tea in heat sealed food safe packaging.

We’re working on a solution at the moment.